Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Cook Time: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Total Time: 4-7 Hours
Servings: 4

If there one thing that has been trending since years when it comes to cakes, it’s the cheesecake. Give it a try yourself at home!

Ingredient List

Ingredient Weight
Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix 1 cup
Cream Cheese 3 cups
Digestive biscuits 10-12
Butter 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Full Cream ½ cup


Preparing the Biscuit Crust For Cheesecake:
  1. Grind 10 to 12 digestive biscuits in a grinder and grind to a fine powder. 
  2. Take a mixing bowl and add this fine powder. To it add 2 tablespoons melted butter in it and mix them very well with a spoon.
  3. Take a greased pan and flatten this mix and make a neat and even layer.
  4. Set this biscuit layer by placing it in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes.
Making the Cheesecake:
  1. Take a medium sized bowl with 3 cups of cream cheese, 1 cup Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
  2. Now with an electric beater, start to beat this mixture. Beat it on medium and then high speed and whip till smooth. Do not overbeat.
  3. Now add ½ cup full cream to this mixture.
  4. Again beat the mixture till the cream is blended very well. The mixture needs to turn into a creamy, thick smooth mixture. Do not over beat. 
  5. Now pour the whipped cream cheese layer in the baking pan. 
  6. Preheat the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes and bake it for 30-40 minutes.
  7. The sides of the cheesecake will start to look firm risen and the center of the cheesecake will be wobbly. Switch off the oven and let the cheesecake cool at room temperature.
  8. Cover the cheesecake in an air tight container or a foil and place the pans in the fridge for over 4 hours or overnight.
  9. The cheesecake is ready to be served with liquid chocolate or garnished with blueberries.